DSTL. 2020
Jon Basil Tequila Reposado. Aged for character in Oak Whiskey Barrels for 9-11 months. The smoothness of Jon Basil Tequila Blanco, with the depths of a spirit aged intentionally for character.

the process.

Our tequila blanco is distilled from 100% blue agave, then aged in gingerly charred oak whiskey barrels for 9-11 months, adding new depth and character to a delicately smooth tequila.

The finished product is an expertly aged tequila with added depth and character for a delicately smooth finish.

The subtle hint of butterscotch, with a complex blend of roasted agave, citrus, and french vanilla fill the nose for an irresistible aroma. On the palate, roasted agave, vanilla, caramel and oak spice blend for a balanced taste with a soft hint of lime and citrus.

JB Red

JB Red House

JB Red

2oz Jon Basil Reposado
1oz Campari
.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice
.50oz Agave

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